Translation Tool for Excel is an add-in for MS Excel for translating text to different languages. The tool is easy to use and extremely fast. It's powered by Google Translate. The tool works in Windows Excel 2003 and later, and Mac Excel 2011, but on Mac it's much slower.

To test the tool, download it here (You can translate a few thousand characters for free. When testing the tool, leave the authentication token blank.)

It's an .xla addin, which does not require installation. To use it, just double click the file, and it will appear in Excel's menu (in Excel 2007/2010, in the Add-ins tab) with the name "Translation Tool". 

If you wish it to open automatically whenever Excel is opened, you need to go to Excel Options: Add-Ins: Go: Browse, and locate the tool.


NOTE: We are no longer developing or maintaining this product. It should still work, but we make no guarantees. Before purchasing, please use the provided trial to confirm it is working. 

The price is dependent on the amount of text you translate. You can buy a quota of characters to use with the tool from PayPal:

After purchasing
When you've completed the purchase, we will contact you by email (at the email address of your PayPal account), and give you an authentication token that you can use with the tool to access your quota. The units you purchase must be used within 2 years of the purchase date.

In case you have any problems with the tool, please visit our help forum. You can contact us by email at

Google Translate API notes
We can't guarantee that the tool will work in the future, if Google makes big changes to the Translate API, or restricts this kind of usage. In this case, we can refund your existing character balance.

Google places an restriction to the total amount of text that any application can translate per month. If this limit is exceeded by all users of the Translation Tool for Excel, then no further translations are possible within the month. However, this is unlikely to happen, as the monthly limit is high.